When the ground is shaking under your feet
When the ground is shaking under your feet

This time it was up to colleagues from the Jihlava Museum to organize a meeting of educators from Vysočina.

However, the main exhibition building is currently closed, as the museum is undergoing a complete renovation. However, our colleagues invited us to the newly opened branch of museum in Telč. The building of the former hospital in the Old Town in Telč is part of the city's historic zone. Upon arrival, we felt like we were in another century. The picturesque little square where the branch is located is formed by the historic frontage of houses with the Church of the Mother of God with the adjacent cemetery. The adjoining hospital courtyard with a chapel, which has undergone a complete reconstruction, only underlines the atmosphere of times long gone.

The oldest building dates from the Renaissance period and originally served as a rectory. In the 16th century, it was rebuilt for the purposes of a hospital, and a century later it acquired a baroque appearance. Today, there are exhibition spaces with a lecture hall. We were lucky, because a few days before our meeting, the exhibition of the icon of Czech photography Jindřich Štreit, entitled As Time Went, was opened here.

Even before that, our colleague Miloš Podařil took us through a long-term exhibition called The Fragile Beauty of Peatlands, which invites visitors to the little-known locality of the Telč‘ peatlands, which are part of the natural heritage. The first hall, entitled In the beginning was stone, focuses on the regional geological state of the area. The next two halls, Islands of Long Hidden Treasures, explain what peatlands are, how they came to be, and where they can be found. The last halls named Landscape on a swing represent the peat bogs of Telč area as places where the ground literally swings under your feet. On the one hand, the construction that you walk through in the halls, but mainly with a reference to the shaky foundations of their existence in the current world. Fortunately, fragments of bogs - despite their unfortunate fate - have survived to the present day and retain their charm.

The guided tour was followed by a debate about the museum's educational intentions in these exhibits. The weather was kind to us, so we were able to take advantage of the outdoor seating where we informed each other about current activities in our organizations. After a joint lunch, we said goodbye with agreement that the next meeting will take place in the museum in Havlíčkův Brod and at the same time we will try to organize a work trip outside the borders of our region.

Pavlína Pitrová, May 2023

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