We and „Zaváté šlépěje“
We and „Zaváté šlépěje“

This school year, we signed up for a humanities seminar, where we cooperate with the Jihlava gallery.

The project is called Zaváté šlépěje („covered footprints“). At the first meeting, we learnt about the sculptor Jaroslav Šlezinger, who created sculptures in Jihlava, and one of them is called Zaváté šlépěje. You can find it at the Jihlava cemetery. This work represents the author's mother and wife. Furthermore, we were given the opportunity to participate in the design of the memorial to the victims of the communist regime, among whom was Jaroslav Šlezinger. We collaborate on the designs with the architect Vojtěch Tecl and the sculptor Tereza Tecl Brussmannová.

We learned that it is not only important to have a vision, but also to think about materials and practicality. We all made suggestions and then voted on which one was the best. Kristýna Faltová won, so we got to work. We started creating proposals in two groups, which we split into. The first was creating 3D models of wire sculptures, but unfortunately we don't know how it went. However, we saw the photos and it looked very interesting.

The second group came up with bold posters for the opening. We tried different colors, shapes and we agreed on everything together. We chose the colors according to expressiveness and good visibility, at the same time we wanted them not to be random colors, but let yourself be surprised. J

This was written for you by the ninth-grade pupils of Primary school of Otokar Březina, Jihlava.

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