current exhibition

From the collections...

Masaryk Square No. 24
curator: Jana Bojanovská

The new installation of the permanent exhibition of the Vysočina Regional Gallery in Jihlava under the title From the collection ... is now on display in the gallery at the Masaryk Square No. 24, on the second and third floor.

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current exhibition

Pablo Diserens: Ebbing Ice Lines of the Low Arctic

8. 3. — 26. 5. 2024

IGLOO sound gallery
Komenského 10, Jihlava
curator Miloš Vojtěchovský

Ebbing Ice Lines of the Low Arctic is a 4-channel sound installation that investigates the soundscape of the Low Arctic’s melting zones and the life they foster. By weaving glacial gurgles, thawing squeals, avian vocalizations, hydrophonic acoustics, and site-specific hums, the composition sheds light on the minute sounds produced by these environments as they retreat under warming climates. Recorded in Iceland and Finland, these animal and melting voices tell a story of disappearance. The title plays with the existing tree line terminology—the edge past which trees do not grow—to imagine ebbing lines beyond which ice can not exist.

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current exhibition

Once upon a time

23. 2. — 26. 5. 2024

Komenského 10
curator Radek Wohlmuth

Five visual artists of the young generation, each in their own unique way, compose fragments of stories on the border between reality and fiction, which suggest rather than describe, so that in the second plan they make people think and search for a deeper meaning not only in them, but also around them.

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