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The Vysočina Regional Gallery strives to be a living multifunctional institution, an active part of current cultural events, a background for its support, development and reflection.
A pleasant place where a wide range of visitors from the youngest to those born earlier will find an enriching cultural experience, relaxation and inspiration.
Opportunities for meetings, communication, extraordinary experience, reflection, knowledge and the development of one's own creativity.
A place where everyone will be happy to return, knowing that they will always find something worthwhile.



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The Vysočina Regional Gallery in Jihlava, with its exhibition, collection, research and publishing activities, focuses mainly on art from the nineteenth century to the present. He now manages more than 6,000 works of art in his collections.
The building at the bottom of Masaryk Square houses a permanent exhibition, which in variations presents a selection from our own collections of Czech art. Furthermore, there are mainly exhibitions focused on the art of the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century. Attention is also paid to regional artistic culture.

The exhibitions in the gallery building on Komenského Street mainly present modern and contemporary art, the Alternativa gallery and the IGLOO sound gallery are also located here.
The gallery also organizes a number of accompanying events: guided tours, lectures, art and experience workshops, discussions, discussions with artists, music and theater performances and author readings.
The gallery also offers visitors the opportunity to consult in the field of fine arts, study in an extensive specialized library, and researchers also the opportunity to study collection items.