Chamber of Educators
Chamber of Educators
Meeting of the Chamber of Educators in the Vysočina Regional Gallery in Jihlava on March 9, 2020.

KEP is an abbreviation for the Chamber of Educators (Komora Edukačních Pracovníků), which is part of the Council of Galleries of Czech Republic and has been operating within this organization for 17 years. Just as the directors and curators of Czech galleries meet regularly, so do the educators. The name educator in culture is understood as the one who educates, in our case in an art gallery or museum. Meetings take place regularly, every year in two to three different galleries, as stated in the statutes of the Council. These meetings are often very beneficial for all members of KEP.

The program is given on the one hand and on the other it depends on the offer or possibilities of the organizing educator. KEP Chairwoman Mgr. Lucie Haškovcová, Ph.D. regularly informs us about the events in the Council, we solve current problems, on which we, as full members, have the opportunity to comment. Another goal of our meetings is to get acquainted with the premises of the gallery organzing the meeting and especially with the educational content of their education department. We have the opportunity to look directly into the "kitchen" of individual educators. Get acquainted with their offer of programs for schools, the public or other groups of visitors that they address with their activities. Very often we get to places that we would not be able to visit for both technical and time reasons. We learn about the possibilities of functioning of individual educators, their successful projects, but also the problems they face. I consider sharing our experiences to be very beneficial for most KEP members.

This year we managed to hold a meeting in Prague at a conference titled In the Services of Art / Balance of 17 years of the Chamber of Educators of the Council, where we had the opportunity to present a contribution of good practice. Another meeting took place at the Brno City Museum. A visit to Špilberk Castle with its exhibition halls and educational spaces and the opportunity to see Villa Tugendhat was amazing. Personally, I am very much looking forward to each meeting and I am glad that we were able to organize a meeting in the Jihlava gallery at the beginning of March 2020.


Pavlína Pitrová, OGV educator, December 2021

Mgr. Pavlína Pitrová

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