Zuzana Růžičková – Night stream

Zuzana Růžičková

Zuzana Růžičková – Night stream

14. 1. — 17. 3. 2022

Komensky Street No. 10

Zuzana Růžičková (1982) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, graphics and drawing studio with prof. Vladimír Kokolia (2006-2012). She experiments with materials and printing techniques. She creates her own printing technologies (linocut printed from depth, solder trough, plastic printing - scanning of green algae from walls, gauze print, printing from a wax matrix on gauze).Her work is characterized by a magical conception of the perceived world, visual humor and a specific approach to the theme, which she does not forget to transform into a mythical mythology. She also does not avoid serious topics arising from personal experience.

The exhibition is named after the last open cycle of linocut prints with the name

Night stream.

"I mostly prints lino using gravure printing. My own drawings are my model for graphics
on the walls I draw at night. The simplicity of the form, the joke of the content, is important to me. "

The exhibition also presents prints created using the gauze print technique. Zuzana has been creating cycles of wall prints for several years, in a studio in the dilapidated factory space of the former Pragovka in Prague - Vysočany. These are prints by the author of painted or drawn walls, along with deposits of paint and dirt. The author scans all this with gauze and water-soluble glue.
The theme of one of the first cycles of prints is Heaven. "My studio looks like a greenhouse, a huge window to the south. Under the window, you can go down the ladder to the roof of the shed. I watch the sky from the terrace. I observe the shapes of the changing clouds and then I draw what shape I saw in the clouds, the situation. "
The second cycle captures the plants grown by the author. "I'm interested in the production of fragrances and everything related to it, instead of painting, I grew various types of plants in the studio, from cucumbers, tobacco, beans, avocados, palm trees from fig trees - travel seeds. I thought I would make fragrances.” During this time, Zuzana developed the potential of gauze print. She engraves the motif into the wax matrix, then rubs the lime with the pigments and again removes it with gauze.
The third cycle captures the prints of mineral water colors. "I moved to Mariánské Lázně for a year (2017). Over time, I collected and dried water from mineral springs. The shade of "dried water" is orange according to the ferrous composition of local minerals. "
The fourth cycle, called Lido, addresses motifs depicting a person or their body part. "I first saw rock drawings near Baku, once the sea was in the same place, and now we're standing in the desert."



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