current exhibition

From the collections ...

Masaryk Square No. 24
curator: Jana Bojanovská

The new installation of the permanent exhibition of the Vysočina Regional Gallery in Jihlava under the title From the collection ... is now on display in the gallery at the Masaryk Square No. 24, on the second and third floor.

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current exhibition

Aviatica in Czech visual culture

10. 6. — 16. 10. 2022

Komensky Street No. 10
586 01 Jihlava
Curator:: Eva Bendová

Flying, flight, aeronautics, sky and space conquering have a rich history, but also countless pictorial forms and meanings. The exhibition will show the projection of the phenomenon of aviation into Czech visual culture between 1783 (the first takeoff of the balloon) and 1957 (the launch of the first spacecraft). The exhibition does not map the history of flying, it focuses on the essential symbols and themes in modern painting - from paintings and sculptures to book illustrations, posters or film and their social meanings. 

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