collection of sculptures

Zoubek Olbram
Carried Winner, 1961
Gutfreund Otto
Don Quixote, 1911
Chatrný Dalibor
Nest, 1968
Zívr Ladislav
Fear of Fire, 1942
Bauch Jan
Homer, 1987
Kmentová Eva
Head on Kissing, 1967
Janoušková Věra
Figure with prints, 1963
Gebauer Kurt
Swimmer I, 1973

The sculpture collection, including medals and plaquettes, currently has 361 items that outline the history of Czech sculpture.
Social art is covered systematically, as is the work of the artists from the post-war Route group. For the most part these are sculptures of relatively modest dimensions, and as well as final works the collection includes models for larger sculptures. Plaquettes are mostly by Otakar Španiel and Jan Tomáš Fischer. The materials most frequently used are bronze, plaster and stone, followed by wood, ceramic, tin and glass. The collection includes a group of alternative ceramic “touch sculptures” made by blind artists.