Petr Válek: Silent paths

Petr Válek

Petr Válek: Silent paths

3. 3. — 21. 5. 2023

IGLOO sound gallery
Komenského 10, Jihlava
curator: Miloš Vojtěchovský

Petr Válek's moving sculptures, appearing in short documentary videos, have had a strong response in the Czech and international public in recent years. For the IGLOO gallery, Válek created and selected several new videos with kinetic-sound self-movements and recordings of his occasional Dadaist expeditions into the mountain landscape. The installation Silent paths is complemented by a light object.

Petr Válek (1976) lives and works in Loučná nad Desnou in Hrubý Jeseník. Since childhood, he has been interested in painting, drawing, book illustrations and music. In recent years, he often performs as a musician and constructs mechanical and electro-mechanical sound instruments and kinetic sculptures/objects from found objects. He shoots videos in an improvised studio or in the countryside of his native Jeseníky and regularly publishes them on his channel on social networks. His twirling, rustling, creaking, spinning, tinkling and gurgling objects have an unchangeable artistic value, referring to the aesthetics of pataphysics and the arte povera movement. At the same time, they are unique sound or musical functional instruments.

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