"Variant of Truth" on the road
"Variant of Truth" on the road
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The artwork from our collections is currently touring Europe. After France, it can now also be seen in Catalonia.

In 2022, we were approached by Center Pompidou-Metz, a branch of the famous Parisian cultural center, which also houses a modern art gallery, with the possibility of borrowing an artwork from our collections.

It was the painting "Variant of Truth" by Vojtěch Hynais, which visitors of our gallery may recognize from our permanent exhibition.  The Center Pompidou-Metz was preparing an extensive exhibition of the work and life of the painter Suzanne Valadon (1865–1938), who in the case of our painting was Hynais's model.

The exhibition was held in Metz, France, from April 15 to September 11, 2023. It was even visited by a regional delegation led by the governor of the Vysočina Region. Our director also participated in the visit.  But it didn't end with the exhibition in Mets. Subsequently, the exhibition moved to another French institution - the Musée d'Arts de Nantes, where it could be visited from October 27, 2023 to February 11, 2024. But even before the entire exhibition, including our painting, was sent to Nantes, it was necessary to check on the "Variant of Truth". And so our colleagues Tomáš (curator of art collections) and Evžen (driver) also went to the Metz.  The exhibition is currently on view in its final leg at Barcelona's Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, where it will remain until September 1, 2024.

Lending a collection item abroad is not a simple matter. As a contributory organization of a self-governing unit, we must submit an application not only to our founder, which is the Vysočina Region, but also to the Ministry of Culture itself. Fortunately, all the administration went well and the loan was successful.

We are very happy that the painting, which is part of our rich collection fund, was also able to be seen by foreign visitors who probably would not have made the trip to Jihlava just like that.


Jana Jarošová, May 2024

assistant of director, PR
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