uMĚNÍM Platform
uMĚNÍM Platform

Last year, our gallery applied for membership in the uMĚNÍM Platform, and this year we officially became part of it.

It is stated directly in the preamble of the uMĚNÍM Platform (the exact translation would be "By Art Platform") that it is a professional base of entities with a common ambition to establish creative learning as a socially recognized and stable part of education and to set its quality standards in the Czech Republic. The members agree on the basic principles and values from which its activities are based. The values and principles of the Platform include several points with which we identify with:

- Culture and art are a key resource/tool for education.
- Creative learning responds to the need for innovation in the Czech education system as well as to the global challenges we face as Europeans and global citizens.
- We understand culture and art in accordance with its concept of culturally creative industries.
- Creative learning takes place through a wide variety of forms and methods of work.
- For us, school principals, teachers, guides, parents and children are indispensable partners in drafting and implementation.
- The center of creative learning is a creative act - a process, whether individual or collective.
- Creative process activates. It is an incentive for a proactive approach to life, personal involvement, including acceptance of co-responsibility for shaping one's own life, society and the world.
- Creative learning offers opportunities for a holistic approach to human development and needs.

As our gallery strives for a similar concept of creative education, we are happy to be part of the Platform and directly participate in its further functioning.

At the end of April, the general assembly of the Platform's members was held in Prague. The program included the modification of the code of ethics, the setting of membership and financing. After the welcome, we were introduced to the map of uMĚNÍM, which emerged from the Platform as well as the FUK festival (Festival of Arts and Creativity in Education). Our gallery directly participates in both activities. Subsequently, the further direction of the Map, its use, but also the setting of financing were discussed. Even before the lunch break, we were offered a short-term peer mentoring program. We can share specific observations, experiences, ambiguities or questions in groups or pairs. We will also participate in it, as it is my experience that mutual connection and asking questions can be beneficial for all involved.

The break was followed by two workshops by lecturers from the National Gallery. The general assembly was held in the Trade Fair Palace, so we had the opportunity to enter one of the workshops (artistic and dramatic) and enjoy the program as visitors. I chose the art program and I must say that I was thrilled. Participating in the programs of colleagues, having the opportunity to discuss, ask about specific initiatives is personally very rewarding for me.

Pavlína Pitrová, April 2024

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