Reinhold Zisser: Notgalerie

Reinhold Zisser: Notgalerie

Reinhold Zisser: Notgalerie

2. 6. — 27. 8. 2023

Alternativa gallery
Komenského 10
curator Reinhold Zisser

From 2015 to 2020 the Austrian artist Reinhold Zisser transformed an abandoned wooden church into an meta installation called Notgalerie. In this process he not only turned a house built for praying and religious worship into a place for contemporary art, but turned the building, and each single part of it into an artwork itself.

Until 2020 over 200 artists participated in and around Notgalerie and so formed a new collective body. In the summer 2020, Zisser transformed the Gesamtkunstwerk Notgalerie a last time. In a three month long performative event with the title “I will not tolerate you leaving me alone” Notgalerie got dismantled. Its parts were taken by artists and interested people who signed a “contract of safekeeping”. Everyone who took a part of Notgalerie agreed to be now a living part of it, taking care of the part taken until one day Zisser will announce a final place where Notgalerie can be rebuilt and when everyone will be invited to gather there and bring back all parts.

In the exhibition in Jihlava Zisser will make this Notgalerie network visible and show how now the parts of Notgalerie are entangled with artists, institutions and places all over europe and beyond.

The exhibition will show works by following artists: Matěj Frank, Alissa Freilinger, Thomas Garcia, Luisa Kasalicky, Lucie Nováčková, Christoph Schwarz, Studio-itzo, Martin Vlček, Kristin Weissenberger, Martin Zet, Reinhold Zisser

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