Pavel Čech
Pavel Čech's endless fantasy world for schools

In connection with the current short-term exhibition Pavel Čech's endless fantasy world for schools, an educational program is being held at the OGV, which will draw children into the magical world of fantasy and adventure.

Children will be guided through the narrow and mysterious streets of old town, overgrown gardens and abandoned houses. The world of children's games and imagination mixes here with the world of adults, both levels are united by the desire to achieve great things, to overcome the obstacles that life puts in front of us and to fulfill our dreams. The motif of deep and solid friendship, which is very important for a person, is interwoven throughout Pavel Čech's work.

The exhibition offers stimuli and space for all age categories, everyone will find a topic that is close to them. During the program, the children will learn who The Rapid Arrows were, what great secret was hidden in the now-legendary puzzle of the hedgehog in the cage, we will talk about the Indians and explore the sometimes even spooky corners of the maze of streets. We will let our imaginations run wild while searching for an old key and find out what treasures can be hidden in a locked chest. Smaller children will be fascinated by the character of the spider Čenda, who experiences various adventures and dangerous situations. They will also make their own spider Čenda. Older students use scraps of paper and tempera paints to create houses, from which they assemble a city at the end of the program.

It is joyful to observe the enthusiasm with which pupils and students look at the paintings, ask questions and give a new dimension to the original themes used by Pavel Čech in his works. The older ones also notice the interesting art techniques used in some of the works and the unusual frames that beautifully complement the paintings. For many, Pavel Čech is not an unknown author, they have his book at home, which they like to return to. At the end of the program there is space to express their own emotions from the exhibition. Pavel Čech's paintings fill some with optimism and joy, while others feel a little sad. But they have one thing in common: they are a powerful experience that is not easily forgotten.

Veronika Dolanská, January 2022

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