Once upon a time there was a painter
Once upon a time there was a painter

The long-term program Once upon a time there was a painter was first offered by the gallery in September of last year and will continue for the next six months.

The program is intended for kindergarten and first grade elementary schools. In a playful way, it introduces the life and work of Josef Lada. We start with his painting Village in winter with a winter depiction of a village Hrusice – Lada's native village. With the help of this work, the children will be transported back to Lada's childhood, we will talk about activities that have fallen into oblivion, but used to be part of everyday life in the countryside. With the help of pictures, children also get to know characters that we no longer meet today - for example, a night watchman. Together we will also try different games, such as carving a whistle, rolling balls or baking potatoes. A spinning top is very popular with children. As part of a creative activity, we make a simple top out of paper and a stick, which the children can decorate according to their own imagination.

Part of the program is also an introduction to the writing activity of Josef Lada. Many children have Lada's book at home, which they enthusiastically tell their classmates about. Also in the gallery, we read a piece from the book Spooks and Goblins and learn something about its heroes - the waterman Brčál and the ghost Mulisák. Together, we then come up with a character of our own ghost, which the children draw, give it a name and briefly introduce it to the others. In this way, they practice not only their own expression and speech in front of the team, but also the ability to listen to each other.

We are very pleased that even in today's fast-paced age full of technology, children are playing some of the games that were popular when Josef Lada was little.


Veronika Dolanská, January 2024

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