The Vysočina Regional Gallery strives to be a living multifunctional institution, an active part of current cultural events, a background for its support, development and reflection.

A pleasant place where a wide range of visitors from the youngest to those born earlier will find an enriching cultural experience, relaxation and inspiration.

Opportunities for meetings, communication, extraordinary experience, reflection, knowledge and the development of one's own creativity.

A place where everyone will be happy to return, knowing that they will always find something worthwhile.


In 1864 two neighbouring houses were joined to create the present building, in a street that leads from the upper side of Masarykovo náměstí. Both houses were built on the long, narrow plots typical of towns and cities in the High Middle Ages. The remains of older houses were destroyed by a fire in 1551, which was followed by new construction.

Of the original building erected after the fire and completed in 1577, the entrance portal, the lower hall or Maßhaus, the two-roomed cellar and the upper hall on the first floor have survived. The upper hall has an octopartite vault, and the late 16th-century painting that decorates the vaulting cells is one of the most interesting remnants of renaissance Jihlava.

In the early 1960s the entire building was reconstructed for use by the gallery.

Komensky Street No. 10



Masaryk Square No. 24


The gallery’s second building is on the lower side of Masarykovo náměstí.

Jihlava was founded in the mid-13th century, and shortly thereafter the king issued building regulations that set out the rules for construction. It is therefore assumed that in the Middle Ages a predecessor to the present building stood on the site, but due to frequent fires we do not know how the original gothic building may have looked.

In the 16th century a two-storey house was built here, of which the stone entrance portal, the vaulted hall or Maßhaus on the ground floor, and the hall on the first floor have survived.

The first floor has a valuable flattened barrel vault with lunettes and consoles around the sides, probably from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. The use of such a vault in an urban setting is unique.

In the latter half of the 1980s the house was converted for the gallery’s needs.

Opening hours, admissions


Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am - 6 pm*
*This opening time applies to both buildings


basic fee: 40 CZK
reduced admission fee: 20 CZK

Children 6—15
Groups over 10 people
Patients in the context of art therapyArt teachers Association

school admission: 10 CZK
Pupils and students of all schools in the classroom

admission "action + catalog": 10 CZK


free entry
Children up to 3 years with an escort
Children up to 6 years
Art school students
Members: Club of Friends of Arts at OGV, Council of Galleries in CR, Association of Museums and Galleries, ICOM,
Art Historical Societies, AICA, Union of Fine Artists, Association of Art Critics
and theoretician, the Association of Fine Artists of the Vysocina Syndicate of the Czech Journalist

special entrance fee
A joint ticket for museums and galleries established by the Vysocina Region
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family passports
adult / Tue — Fri: 20 CZK, weekend: 10 CZK
child / Tue — Fri: 10 CZK, weekend: free

senior pas, senior plus
Tue — Fri: CZK 10, weekend: free


Free admission every Sunday and the first Wednesday of the month.
Free admission to the Alternativa gallery, the IGLOO sound gallery and permanent exhibitions.

Admission is uniform throughout the building regardless of the number of ongoing exhibitions.

Students and members of other organizations prove themselves with a valid ID card.


Address and map

Address and map

Komensky Street No. 10
Masaryk Square No. 24

phone number: 567 301 680
1. building
phone number: 567 309 722
2. building




The gallery does not provide visitors with its own car park. It is possible to use paid parking lots in the center of Jihlava ( The gallery building is not barrier-free. There is a freight elevator in the building, which leads to 5 steps.


The gallery does not provide visitors with its own car park. It is possible to use paid parking lots in the center of Jihlava ( The gallery building is not barrier-free. There is no lift.

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