Music in paintings, paintings in music. Tribute to the Brtnice castle

Music in paintings, paintings in music

Music in paintings, paintings in music. Tribute to the Brtnice castle

8. 12. 2023 — 31. 3. 2024

Masaryk square 24
curators Alexandra Dětinská, Eduardo García Salas

The Brtnice Castle Association cares for the preservation of an important architectural monument, its cultural legacy and heritage. The range of their activities is great, and one of them is the effort to revive this extremely charismatic space by organizing an art symposium and exhibition. This event is conceived as a tribute to the Baroque painter who was connected to the owners of the castle, the Collalto family. This painter is Giovanni Battista Belluci, and the castle today houses reproductions of his paintings. His artistic legacy became the inspiration for art symposia, which respond to the castle in Brtnice through artistic means. The Brtnice Castle Association has already managed to hold three years of this symposium, the culmination of which is the organization of an exhibition right on the premises of the castle. A sample of works of art created within the framework of these symposia is the subject of this exhibition.

Participating authors: Julián Carro Pascual, Alexandra Dětinská, Martina Charvátová Skácelová, Pavel Kabeláč, Roman Novák, Maria Angeles Salas Bravo, Petr Špaček, Adrian T. Bell, Juan Fernández Gonzáles, Libor Kawulok, Petr Mirčev, Adžana Modlitbová, Ota Prouza, Michail Ščigol, Bohuslava Beránková, Alexandra Jiříčková, Petra Bouška Kvapilová, Alejandra Núnes, Michal Pášma, Manuel Rodríguez Méndez, Michael John Rowland

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