Floating in the air
Floating in the air

Flying over a countryside - it sounds very poetic, but keep in mind that it is also a loss of solid ground underfoot.

So there are people on this planet who just can't get into a balloon basket (which is about to take off). Although aeronautics is similar in name to sailing on water (in Czech language), one finds themself in their least natural environment. And how we - the people - like the air!

In the case of a balloon taking off from Jihlava Square on the occasion of the opening of our exhibition called Aviatika, the start was dramatic from my point of view: At first I was afraid that we would take tables or a whole caravan with refreshments with us. The subsequent quick takeoff was worthy of applause. I have never experienced such a fast lifting. At the same time, everything seemed very natural. Maybe because I felt like I was in a dream. The pilot's sweat was certainly intensified by the burners above his head. There was five of us. Plus the pilot. Plus about five bombs. Gas bombs (this information should give a relative sense of calm). So the basket was really heavy even without the crew, as it turned out after landing. However, the cruise was beautiful - the photos speak for themselves. Before sunset, we descended on the meadow behind Dlouhá Brtnice. Smooth landing. Fortunately, the prediction that the basket would fall to one side and one group would fall on the other was not fulfilled.

Distance and oversight can be achieved in different ways with different effects. Aeronautics will leave an indelible mark on almost every individual. At the Aviatika exhibition, it is clear that the balloon became an important visual symbol right after Icarus' wings. The advantage of visiting the exhibition is that you will enjoy the views in many senses of the word, along with the distance from a paiting and the interval of several centuries, and at the same time you can stay with your feet on solid ground.


June 2022

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