By eye, ear and hand
By eye, ear and hand

The new educational program, which we have been offering since September of this school year, was created primarily for the exhibition spaces of the Alternativa gallery and the IGLOO sound gallery, which are often neglected in education.

Although short-term exhibitions are held here, the program is designed for long-term use. Its concept follows current topics, which are limited precisely by the alternative and sound gallery space. As a result, the educational program is on the one hand immutable and on the other very variable.

It is designed primarily for children from kindergarten and first grade elementary schools. Pupils first get to know the basic principles of the color spectrum. They use tempera paints for this, but also glasses with interchangeable lenses, thanks to which they can practically try out the methods of mixing colors themselves. Then, we will move on to basic geometric shapes – children use wooden plates to create with. These are in the shape of a circle, square and triangle, from which a child's imagination creates, for example, a snake, a house, a butterfly or a glowing night sky. After that, little visitors are treated to tactile perception. For this activity, we use the works of blind artists, which are part of the accompanying documentation for our collection. Children put on eye masks and find out by touch what shape the sculpture in front of them is, or what material it is made of. After that, we will move to the IGLOO sound gallery with the children. The very realization that we are descending into the basement is a challenge for them. Here, the content of the program is variable, as each of the exhibiting artists approaches sound in connection with visual art differently. However, the sound component is important to us, its perception, and the activity is adapted to this.

At the end of the program, the children take away a worksheet, thanks to which they can repeat what they have tried and experienced outside the gallery. The topics of the sheets are devoted to all three senses (eye, ear and hand), which we tried to involve.

The program was created with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture Czech Republic.


Pavlína Pitrová, November 2022

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