We will draw a cat, a mouse...
We will draw a cat, a mouse...

The program We will draw a cat, a mouse, we will bring a children's book to life, that we are offering at OGV this school year is based on children's books and children's illustrations. It mainly appeals to younger children from kindergartens and the first grade of elementary schools.

It aims to show children that reading a book is not boring at all, because when they listen to the story, the story can literally come alive before their eyes. We will talk about what should not be missing in a book and what an illustration is. We will also introduce selected illustrators. At the beginning, we will be reading a children's book by the author Viola Fischerová, who will introduce us to the main character - the cat Meow. Together with her friends, she experiences various adventures, even finds herself in danger, but thanks to her strong friendships, the book has a good ending.

During the program, the story is revealed to the children up to the main plot, how the book will turn out, they will learn only at the end. Meanwhile, it's up to their imaginations to imagine how the plot could end. Instead of classic illustrations, we make animal figures with the children that are written about in the book, as well as those that are not there, but which can complement the story. In this part of the program, students practice fine motor skills, such as working with scissors, but also logical thinking when assembling and gluing figures. In the end, they can paint them in colors or decorate them in different shapes.

The dramatic part is popular with children, when they play a theater with their figurines in groups, in which they present to others their version of how the story could end. It is joyful to observe how children get rid of their initial shyness, when they did not even want to express themselves in front of others, but gradually let themselves be carried away by their imagination, invent their own new stories and have a lot of fun together with the figurines. At the same time, they learn to listen to each other, to work together as a team and to respect the opinions and ideas of their classmates.

Veronika Dolanská, October 2022

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