Félix Blume: Dream's Cricket

30. 9. — 31. 10. 2021

sound installation, workshop

sound gallery IGLOO
Komensky Street No. 10
Curator: Miloš Vojtěchovský

A sound installation where each "speaker-cricket" is producing its own unique singing. While we sleep, crickets sing along to our slumber. Since we often listen to them in chorus, as part of the project "Los grillos del sueňo," we decided to look for the singularity in each cricket. During a workshop, every kid raised a couple of crickets and recorded the male?s singing at night. The short film that accompanies the installation has its own story: in response to inevitable insect extinction, a group of scientists developed a species of electronic crickets so that even after they?re gone, crickets can continue to make music while we dream."

Félix Blume


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