Travelling Vysočina region...
Travelling Vysočina region...

For the third year now, we have been preparing a trip map for you called Discovering Jihlava and its surroundings.

Our goal is to introduce to the general public lesser-known tourist destinations, places related to history, art...

The first map was released in 2021 in response to the pandemic, when outdoor tourism was the preferred source of entertainment, not just for families with children. And since our map was such a hit (500 copies sold out over the holidays), we decided to make this print a tradition.

The map always contains 10 places directly in Jihlava and 10 places in different corners of the Vysočina region. There's a simple task related to each place, and if you manage to complete at least 10 of them, a small gift awaits you when you hand in the map in the gallery.

And since our goal is for interested parties to really visit given places (not to find them on the Internet together with the answers to the given questions), we ourselves travel to pre-selected places and come up with individual tasks right on the spot (last year for example, you could count the teeth of the horse of Jan Žižka's statue in Přibyslav).

As part of this year's route, we visited the northwest of the Vysočina region - Pelhřimov region, Humpolec region, Havlíčkův Brod region. We visited a synagogue, a church, a monastery, a ruin, a monument, even a funnel!

You will have to wait a little longer for specific locations and their specific tasks. We are currently processing the obtained materials, then we will hand it over to graphic artist Bára, who also prepared last year's map design for us. And then rush to the printer! If all goes according to plan, the maps will be available for free pick-up at the gallery reception during June!

Jana Jarošová, April 2023

assistant of director, PR
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