Together at the table
Together at the table
in the dome of the National Museum in Prague (from trip to Prague)

Together at the table is a name for a long-term educational program in which our gallery has participated, as part of a project I give a damn about Jihlava! (Jihlava mi není fu©k! in czech).

Since September last year, we have been meeting regularly every Tuesday with children who like to create, who want to get to know the gallery environment and are interested in the topic of active citizenship. We try to support this with a simple but very inspiring question: What do we have in common? The program unites children from Jihlava, who are influenced by different cultural environments. Children, who have roots in Hanoi, Moscow, Prague or Třebíč, try to find out what they have in common through creation and games.

We are gradually opening up school and leisure topics that affect children, and we find that they have a lot in common. Although they are different, they are still the same in many ways. They like holidays, art and gymnastics, blue and white, ice cream, pizza and rice. They enjoy going on trips, exploring new places in their area. Tired of getting up for school in the morning, doing unnecessary tasks, standing in line for lunch in the dining room. They are bothered by quarrels and happy when they can laugh.

At one of the first meetings, we also found out what the children would like to experience at our meetings. And we are gradually trying to fulfill that as well. For example, they were interested in tasting a Christmas dish, so we baked from gingerbread dough. They wanted to see the tower of the Church of St. Jacob in Jihlava, so we climbed it. They were tempted to meet a real artist, so we visited the exhibition of Jakub Tomáš, who eventually invited the children to his art studio. They wanted to go on a trip to Prague together, and we finally managed to do that. The children even had the same ideas of where to look in Prague. A nice finding for us was that they were interested in a tour of Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, a gallery or a museum. We really enjoyed planning planning the whole trip. From Florence bus station we went to Prague Castle, where we saw the Cathedral of St. Vitus and St. George's Monastery. We walked Nerudova Street across Charles Bridge to the National Theater. There we ordered a delicious pizza and tasted the famous ice cream. The last stop was the National Museum and its tour. First, we stood in line for an amazing view of the dome of the building. And then they went through the newly installed science and history exhibits. We also stopped for a moment in the tunnel that connects the historic and new building. Everything turned out as we planned. The April weather was also good for our trip!

During the following meetings, we must prepare for the ceremonial end of the entire project. We believe that we will succeed both in the joint opening, which will take place on Friday, April 22, and in PechaKucha, where the children will perform with their contribution on Friday, May 13.

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April 17, 2022

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