Street art of 9. A class Christian Elementary School Jihlava
Street art of 9. A class Christian Elementary School Jihlava

We, the 9. A class, have been working on the project called OUR STREET ART in cooperation with the Vysočina Regional Gallery in Jihlava and under supervision of their educator Pavlína Pitrová since autumn

Our painting was ceremoniously revealed on June 14 on the wall of the garage at Na Stoupách Street 24. Our opening was preceded by a musical performance by our classmates, the Fexa sisters. The creation of the work is the final output of a year-long project, which was financially supported by the statutory city of Jihlava. We prepared eleven proposals on the topic „Never enter the same river“, but only one won – Emma Šímová and Kristýna Fučíková's proposal. In May, we started with the technical preparation and with the help of an experienced street artist TIMO with its own implementation.

Our thanks also go to: Mayor of the City of Jihlava Karolína Koubová, director of the Vysočina regional gallery in Jihlava Daniel Novák, director of our school Šárka Glösslová, Dana Závodská from the Department of Cultural Monument Protection Jihlava, the owners of the building Petr Jakvid and Míša Mytisková, and above all - our teacher Šárka Skasko and Pavlína Pitrová, who involved us in the project and guided us from beginning to end.

The opening was very successful and went through with an amazing spirit. We had on display photos from the project and a diary that everyone could look at. There was also refreshments. It was something new, big and unrepeatable for us. We were also pleased with the positive reaction of the artist TIMO, who praised the work and the entire event.

You can visit the wall at any time and judge for yourself. We hope it will continue to be there, as a storm the night before the reveal gave us a quite a scare.


class 9. A of Christian Elementary School Jihlava, July 2022

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