Starflight / A child in each of us


Starflight / A child in each of us

17. 2. — 11. 6. 2023

Masaryk square 24
curator Pavlína Pitrová

An intergenerational, creative project presenting exclusively works from the collections of the Jihlava gallery is aimed not only at families with children. The title of the exhibition Starflight/Hvězdolet refers to the painting by Dobroslav Foll from 1966. This abstract, large-format work, with its title and subject, supports visitors in their imagination and creativity, which is the main theme of the exhibition.

Clarity, the possibility of reaction and participation, creation in direct connection to the exhibited works and the gallery space is the goal of the entire project. The first part of the exhibition reflects the children's world and is devoted to the theme of family. The second, creative part offers the opportunity to be inspired by abstract works of art right there in the exhibition. The last, third part is composed as a relaxation zone with the motif of fairy tales. Among the artists represented at the exhibition we can find names such as Olbram Zoubek, František Kobliha, Ladislav Novák, Míla Doleželová, Otto Stritzko, Bohuslav Reynek, Ivan Chatrný, František Bílek or František Gross.

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basic fee 40 CZK

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