Pavel Toman – Elements

Pavel Toman ...

Pavel Toman – Elements

9. 9. — 16. 10. 2022

Masaryk Square No. 24
586 01 Jihlava
Curator: Jana Bojanovská

A Jihlava native Pavel Toman (born 1956) is not only a teacher, an important organizer of cultural life in Jihlava and a longtime chairman of the Association of Fine Artists of the Vysočina Region, but above all a sculptor. He has had a number of individual and group exhibitions at home and abroad. Although he experimented with different materials at the beginning of his sculptural work, he later focused almost exclusively on wood, which best suits his creative intentions, and which he sometimes combines with metal or natural stone. Thus, mostly larger sculptures of abstract and organic shapes are created, thematically reflecting his interest in the origin of life, the infinity of space, the action of natural elements, but also the capture of emotional states and the flow of time.


Exhibition starts in 106 days


basic fee 40 CZK