Various forms of community of art friends have a long tradition around the world. Their activities may have been very different, but the common goal has always been to promote cultural values. In Jihlava, various local associations have been organizing exhibitions of historical and contemporary art and random lectures since the end of the 19th century. In modern form, this group was founded in 2006 in the Regional Gallery of the Vysočina Region in Jihlava.
The validity of all cards purchased in 2020 is automatically extended until the end of 2021. Thank you for your support!
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Join the Vysočina Regional Gallery and attend its events as often as you want!
Benefits for cardholders
Choose the type of card that suits you best from the following menu. In addition, a discussion platform is open to all cardholders who are interested, where it is possible to discuss various issues related to art and gallery and thus participate in the form and activities of the OGV. The contact person for your suggestions and comments is MgA. Ilona Stankova - / 567 217 133



you are not indifferent
what is the world like
in which do we live?
come on
seek a way with us
how to improve something
how to penetrate the peels
tear masks
how to bring
art to life
ogv club is a free association of those
who want to know more about the gallery
look inside
they want to discuss, share, create, help
or have good ideas

We look forward to you!

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