Once upon a time

Once upon a time

Once upon a time

23. 2. — 26. 5. 2024

Komenského 10
curator Radek Wohlmuth

Radka Bodzewicz
Klaudie Hlavatá
Sabina Knetlová
Anna Ruth
Moemi Yamamoto  

The expression once upon a time represents a traditional introduction to oral stories in many cultures, including the Czech one. It has its roots in ancient times and was already used to open narratives of various kinds, preparing the listener to enter the world of fantasy. Five visual artists of the young generation, each in their own unique way, compose fragments of stories on the border between reality and fiction, which suggest rather than describe, so that in the second plan they make people think and search for a deeper meaning not only in them, but also around them. The curator of the project is Radek Wohlmuth.

Exhibition ends in 42 days


basic fee 40 CZK

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