Museum for school, school for museum
Museum for school, school for museum

The meeting of the working group for cooperation between museums and schools took place in October this year for the tenth time in the House at the Golden Ring in the Prague City Museum.

Seminars are held regularly every spring and autumn. The organizer is the Commission for work with the public and museum pedagogy guaranteed by the Association of Museums and Galleries. The main coordinators Mgr. MgA. Iva Vachková from the Prague City Museum and Mgr. Jitka Králová from the Regional Museum in Mělník try to include topics that are of interest to both pedagogues and museum educators in the seminars. In addition, the participants have the opportunity to propose topics for the next meeting, or to outline the problems they are solving within their institution or school. We will then deal with these contributions in one of the next seminars.

The program of the meeting starts with a theoretical introductory contribution, which is then discussed in practical workshops. There are always two of them, each with a different focus. The participants will be divided into two groups, which will take turns in the workshops. So everyone has the opportunity to experience a program that is normally intended for children, pupils or students. During the workshops, the lecturer discusses together with the participants the intention of the program concept, its goal and the subsequent final reflection. It is these practical exercises that are very interesting. We learn how our colleagues approach a certain topic, and in addition, we can analyze each other's content, concept, interpretation, its strengths, and possibly also its weaknesses.

The topic of this meeting was research teaching as a challenge for museum education with a focus on natural sciences and regional history. Kateřina Čiháková from the Museum in Říčany and the already named Iva Vachková gave the introductory speeches. Both colleagues also led practical workshops. As a gallery educator, I was more interested in the regional history workshop, where we tried formulating research questions and specific tasks using a single collection object. In addition, the theme of presenting regional collections, in our case artists, now resonates very much also within other institutions of a museum and gallery nature. We at the gallery also want to deal with this topic in more detail in the future, so the focus of the seminar was very apt and beneficial.


Pavlína Pitrová, October 2022

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