Michal Mitro - Driving Home For Christmas

Michal Mitro

Michal Mitro - Driving Home For Christmas

17. 11. 2023 — 18. 2. 2024

IGLOO sound gallery
Komenského 10, Jihlava
curator Miloš Vojtěchovský

The site- and time-specific intervention for Igloo was inspired by the disassembled body of a vehicle that someone left in a shed on the steep Brno plot of the former gardener's colony, where Michal Mitro lives and works. A decomposed relic of a mechanism symbolizing the acceleration of the movement of bodies, goods and thoughts, turns into a doleful object in a dark cellar. It refers to modernity's dream of the innocence of the moment of acceleration, unlimited mobility, economic growth and carefree comfort. In the second plan, also about the carbon footprint, environmental issues and the interconnectedness of the music, automotive, and fossil business.

Old Felicia car, foam seats and snowy roads. Gasoline nostalgia and the entire interior of the car also smells of gasoline. I like the smell, which is why I don't hang a Wunder-baum tree on my rearview mirror. And I also like car stereos. The one playing cassettes has broken already, as well as the one playing CDs. Even if it's not quite the same, I play music via Spotify from my mobile phone to a bluetooth speaker while driving... Sometimes I play music in my headphones, but then again I can't hear the hum of the engine. And vice versa: the hum of the engine drowns out listening. Because cars without music seem to lack something. Maybe they are too intimate then? Or maybe too raw? Crude, like crude oil, from which gasoline for cars is refined? And on Christmas there will be traffic jams again.

Michal Mitro


Michal Mitro is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher. Following on from his previous studies in psychology and sociology, he deals with everyday topics as well as hyperobjects on a planetary scale. He creates a sculptural environment with elements of sound, light and digital technologies in which he reflects the sociological imagination. He is interested in the relations between the human and the more-than-human world and the friction between the artificial and the natural. His installations interweave a narrative of both reassurance and unease, offering a reflection on what a sustainable future for humanity might look like. Among other things, he holds a license to work with electricity and autonomous solar systems and works as a postgraduate researcher in the field of electrical engineering at the University of Technology in Brno. In 2020, he completed his master's degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts VUT in Brno, in 2018 and 2019, among other things, he studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Haag. He is a laureate of the Oskar Čepan Award and the proud father of his son Mateo.



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