Make friends, not art

Make friends, not art

Make friends, not art

2. 6. — 15. 10. 2023

Komenského 10
curator Petr Kovář

The motto "Make friends, not art", often inflected recently in connection with the Documenta exhibition, is not only a compression of ideas and the realization of the Indonesian group ruangrupa, which curated last year's much-watched Kassel exhibition, but a long-term tendency that uses artistic means to community or social goals, rather than the creation of aesthetic artefacts. Listening to the Indonesian voice, in many ways so refreshing in a European environment, is not specifically in this sense an exotic import, but rather the result of local considerations. The intended exhibition in the Vysočina Regional Gallery in Jihlava reflects the local situation of artists in the Vysočina region, who establish themselves in an environment outside art centers rather through social activities; by founding associations, organizing cultural events, acting through theater or various types of community informal education, rather than own creative activity. It is through these activities that artists from several villages of Vysočina who were either born here or moved here after studying at art colleges will be presented. Similar to its actors, the exhibition itself will be active, disconcerting the term "accompanying program". The OGV will become a kind of open space center where people eat breakfast, read, print graphics, play floorball, sleep, paint, bands and theater groups rehearse and play... in an environment of obvious and less obvious art artifacts. In a way, the exhibition follows on from previous works, such as the book of interviews Tam u šraňků bude přístaviště (2019) or Kartografie (EKO)systémů (2022), although its concept was created independently of them.

Featuring: Martin Hurych / Přespolní association, exhibitions, concerts / festival Bučení / residential center Kurník / Lubná, Hana and Martin Jelínkovi / Gallery On the edge of the region / Marina, residential area in nature / Krásné, Matěj Kolář / KUŠ association / children's camps Rohozná / Marathon around Čeřínek / Rohozná, Polná, Jakub Minářů /  Korealist Activities Club, open mainly performative platform, break from social ideologies / Zámotek, musical group / Pelhřimov, František Novák / Třešťský průměr, theater association / Lajky, musical group / Třešť, Tereza Říčanová / Linolagro, children's art camp / observation tower / Mezná, Jaroslav Grodl and Hana Grodlová Sommerová / Přibyslav plein air / Přibyslav.

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