Jiří Příhoda: intervention Roštejn Castle Sculpture Park

Jiří Příhoda

Jiří Příhoda: intervention Roštejn Castle Sculpture Park

2. 6. — 15. 10. 2023

Komenského 10
intervention in the covered Renaissance courtyard of the gallery

The Roštejn Castle Sculpture Park series was created between 1985 and 1989 in the form of secret interventions, which was certainly not easy given their monumental scale. Příhoda uses contrasts of materials and colors that contrast with the trail of fire and supports them with a composition of spontaneously falling or breaking trees. He paints massive trunks, some of which he carves into phallic symbols, with gold or silver paint and makes them unmistakable in the landscape, he paints stones for the place of blue sky, after which passers-by have no idea whether this is the place of some ancient ritual or a remnant of a military exercise. Some of the photographs were taken at night and are most likely evidence of the action that took place, others record the result that the trail of fire together with the processing of the trunk caused.

Jiří Příhoda (1966, Jihlava) is one of the artists for whom a strong perception of space combined with a monumental approach to interventions in architecture, whether for exhibitions or architecture as such, has practically become synonymous with their name. Let us recall the large realizations in large exhibition halls known to the Czech audience from the Rudolfinum (Void) or the Troja Castle (Archa, Helix), to foreign ones from, for example, Busan in South Korea, or his contributions to the architecture of exhibitions (Neviditelná, NG Praha or Prostorové Střihy, NG Prague and others).

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