Jiří Nováček: Verloren

Jiří Nováček

Jiří Nováček: Verloren

26. 10. 2023 — 7. 1. 2024

Masaryk square 24

The author's exhibition "Verloren" discovers with its shots in "decisive moments" primarily the inhabitants of the old continent as protagonists in diverse visual positions, which are offered not only by busy streets and unknown city corners, but also by spaces outside them. Here, in the style of a humanistic and subjective documentary, the daily life of the population and its personal and cultural identity are explored. In a sense, these are visual narratives created by a documentary photographer. A way to connect with the world and bring back for the viewer the moments that stand out in it. Subjective author's vision is an interpretation and visualization of the world in a personal way and an exploration with the search for its identity in different positions and analogies of different motifs, which are a reflection of human existence. Everything is often dependent on capturing in the shortest possible reaction time, in moments that often take place in milliseconds. The exhibition is a selection of the author's work without a clearly defined thematic, geographical or temporal limitation and is organized into different cycles. It is not only thought-provoking, but also a tool for perception and contributing to a broader understanding of society and its psychology.

Jiří Nováček
He is professionally engaged in documentary photography not only at his home country, but often abroad. During his travels, he often creates subjective documentary files full of personal experiences, perceptions and moods dedicated to the relationship between man and the environment. In his freelance work, in addition to long-term documentary projects and reports, he also focuses on fine art photography, staged work, free interpretations and portraits. He is a graduate of the University of Silesia in Opava. In Great Britain, where he studied and worked at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, he participated in many exhibitions and projects. He then went freelance, where, among other things, he devotes himself to professional work in the field of photographic and graphic concepts, curatorial exhibition projects, publishing and lectures. He lives in the Vysočina region. Currently, he has already opened more than twenty exhibitions and exhibition spaces not only with his own production in the field of photography, but also visual arts.


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