Jaroslav Grodl (aka Pure Beauty & Huck Finn), Matěj Lipavský - Don

Jaroslav Grodl, Matěj Lipavský

Jaroslav Grodl (aka Pure Beauty & Huck Finn), Matěj Lipavský - Don't you look?

17. 11. 2023 — 11. 2. 2024

Komenského 10
curator Jana Písaříková

The work of painters Jaroslav Grodl and Matěj Lipavský is united by the ambition to capture everyday things in such a way that we begin to perceive them directly again. The adventure of their paintings begins in places, moments and situations known and overlooked. And yet, or perhaps precisely because of that, they are provocative, disturbing, beautiful.

For Matěj Lipavský, paintings are a stop, in them the author primarily records nature, the play of light and colors, natural processes. He paints either en plein air or from memory. His landscape is not realistic in the sense that it would be important to locate the place where the painting was created. Much more, it is a subjective record of a physical experience and the perpetuation of constant changes in light, events, and colors. Jaroslav Grodl focuses mainly on figurative motifs. They are portraits of characters, crowds and urban situations in their anonymous and fluid form. The author often approaches them through sequences, capturing phases and shifts in observing the same place, person.

What unites the two painters is the effort to capture the passing constellation and the very context of the environment. So they don't paint what we see at first glance, but rather what escapes normal perception, what arises in the gap between things, people, events. The exhibition Don't you look? is thus primarily an invitation to perceive the image as a visual event and experience.

Jaroslav Grodl (1984 Pelhřimov)
He lives and works in Jihlava, from 2003 to 2009 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the graphic arts II studio, prof. Vladimír Kokolia and painting I studio, prof. Jiří Sopko.
web: pure-beauty.cz

instagram: @pb_hf_grodl

Matěj Lipavský (1985 Prague)
He lives and works in Prague, from 2004 to 2010 he studied in the studio of painting I, prof. Jiří Sopko and Igor Korpaczewski, and in 2008 he was an intern at the sculpture II studio under the guidance of prof. Jindřich Zeithaml.
web: https://www.artlist.cz/matej-lipavsky-108665/

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