How was life in the Renaissance
How was life in the Renaissance

What would it be like to become the owner of a beautiful Renaissance house? How would it be lived in and how would we modify it according to our ideas?

This question was tried to be answered by primary and secondary school pupils who, during the school year, took part in the educational program How was life in the Renaissance, which took place in the gallery building at Komenský Street.

In the 16th century, the house belonged to a rich and relatively important patrician from Jihlava, who had the house decorated quite spectacularly for a bourgeois class. A visitor who goes up to the first floor of the building is immediately struck by the beautiful painting in the vault of the stair hall. Angels playing musical instruments hover above them, as if protecting the house. This painting is unique in an urban setting and tells us a lot about the values ​​that were important to Renaissance man.

During their visit to the gallery, the students were transported to the 16th century and for a while they became wealthy citizens of Jihlava. They learned about the history of the building and the life of a middle-class person in the 16th century, designed their own house brand, and thought about what decoration of the vault would characterize today's times and have informative value for future generations. They then drew their design on paper and briefly presented it to others.


September 2022

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