Discovering Jihlava and Highlands region
Discovering Jihlava and Highlands region

Last year, we prepared, not only for gallery visitors, a map called Discovering Jihlava and Highlands region.

Its goal was to appeal primarily to families with children or grandparents with grandchildren and invite them to visit our city and its surroundings during the summer holidays. To offer them places that are not talked about much and yet are interesting in their own way. Places that have a relationship to both visual arts and history.

We have selected a total of twenty places for little travelers and explorers. Ten stops were dedicated to our city Jihlava and the rest to interesting places around Jihlava. At each location, a simple task was prepared for the children. The goal was for them to actually visit the place. The individual tasks were adapted to this as well. For example, in Přibyslav, the children had to count the number of teeth on the statue of horse of the Hussite warrior Jan Žižka from Trocnov. We personally visited all the places, photographed them and made sure that there was an answer to our questions.

We offered the maps for free at both gallery buildings. We also left them in the Jihlava information center and it was possible to download them from our website. If the children answered at least ten questions and returned the map back to us, they received a small gift from us.

We were surprised that all the maps were gone in a relatively short time. That's why we decided to continue this year and prepared the second part of our journey around Jihlava and Highlands region. Places and tasks are of course different. We found that there is still more to discover. And we believe that we will interest young travelers with their family members as well.


July, 2022

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