Day camp Memory of the city
Day camp Memory of the city

In the third week of July, a day camp called Memory of the City took place in our gallery. The goal of the camp was to show the children the attractions of Jihlava city, to familiarize them with its history and important places.

We talked about the origin of the town connected with silver mining, children learned where the Haberská trail passed and we went to the first church in Jihlava - the church of St. John the Baptist on the site of the original settlement in Jihlava. On the first day of our camp, we also visited the Jihlava museum, where we listened to an engaging explanation about the architecture of Renaissance houses. We combined a visit to the museum with a tour of the exhibits, where the children were enthralled by the natural history section enlivened by various animal sounds. We also explored the Jihlava fortifications and places that are associated with ghostly legends.

The children enthusiastically participated in the educational game called Path to the Treasure. At the beginning of the camp everyone received a worksheet which led them to selected buildings around the square, where they performed various tasks. In this way, we took a closer look at places that are familiar at first glance, which we pass by every day, but which hide many secrets. We reached the gallery in Komenského Street, where a treasure awaited the children as a reward for their efforts, which they had to find.

The camp included a tour of exhibitions, a day trip and playing games. A lot of beautiful things was created by the children, which we displayed at the camp exhibit on Friday, and which the children enjoyed together with their parents. Two girls even added variety to the exhibit opening by playing the violin and harmonica, for which they were rewarded with enthusiastic applause.

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