Day camp Canvas of artists
Day camp Canvas of artists

The last, third round of the day camp, which usually takes place in the first half of August, had the theme called Canvas of artists.

The camp was attended mostly by children who started with us already in 2017, when I organized the camp for the first time together with the lecturer Zuzana Stoklasová. It is nice to see the children who grow with us year after year. At the same time, it is also a big challenge! Do not repeat yourself, come up with new topics and interest the children in such a way that they want to attend in the next year.

This year, we used the theme Canvas of artists to start from the very beginning. First, we focused on the childhood of the artists whose works are displayed in the permanent exhibition of our gallery. Oldřich Blažíček, a native of Vysočina, was our greatest inspiration. Based on stories from his childhood, the children created their own brush from goose feathers and hair. The impressionist style, which later became his important expression, inspired children to create nature using paper squares. Even painting with acrylic paints on their own canvases in frames was done by many children in an impressionistic way. On ordinary canvases, the children spray-painted maps or some views of the world from above using diluted ink and paper templates. Black garden textiles were decorated in pairs using balls dipped in paint. And they used the remnants of the patterned curtains as models for spray-painting invitations to their own exhibit opening on Friday.

We also enjoyed the traditional train trip. Movement games, creations using natural materials and swimming in the area of the natural swimming pool in Bransouze were successful thanks to the ideal weather. Fresh pizza for lunch, which was brought to us by colleagues from the gallery (to whom I thank you very much), is a reward for the children, just like a traditional popsicle.

The exhibit opening, which ended the entire camp, was in the spirit of the painter's work. The ideas that run through the artists' heads need to be arranged so that the resulting work fits both compositionally and in color. The message or idea that he wants to convey to others is also important. For us, the message was a collaboration. And I think the children - the artists succeeded perfectly this year! Not only at the final opening!


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