Day camp Art on a plate
Day camp Art on a plate

Art on a plate was the theme of the second round of this year's day camp.

When I asked the children on the first day of camp what they imagined under the name, I was pleased that we agreed - creating food using different materials, creating from food, non-traditional serving, making and decorating your own plates, bowls and cutlery. During the last week of July, we really got everything done, and like every year, a trip outside the city was a bonus.

To create food, we used, for example, tea bags, which the children impressed on paper and also became the basis for preparing the invitation to the Friday exhibit opening. Even instant coffee was a success. We heated the oven twice in the office of our colleague Jana. She made sure that we didn't burn the inedible and edible dough. The children assembled the three-dimensional object using oat, corn and rice crackers. The highlight was the creation from gelatin candies and colored lentils. But the children did not eat the sweets alone, they shared them with their parents and other family members during the Friday exhibit opening.

From advertising flyers and starch, the children created paper cups, decorated their own paper plates and cups with aqua crayons and water colors. Special effects were also created thanks to the use of citric acid, which we used to decorate paper sets of plates.

We have not forgotten about the exhibitions ïn the gallery. In the Alternativa gallery, children created living paintings inspired by the installation of the exhibition Paradise is of the Option. In the permanent exhibition in the gallery on Masaryk Square, we were influenced by the still lifes of Emil Fila, Bohumil Kubišta and Jan Slavíček. The children carved their own still life with a stick into a plate made of hardened polystyrene and then imprinted it on paper using printing ink.

Wednesday's trip to Bransouze was successful thanks to the beautiful weather. The children had fun in the pleasant and friendly environment of the natural swimming pool. Their reward for creating during the trip was fresh pizza, which our colleagues brought directly to the premises.

The festive board, which the children prepared as part of the exhibit opening for parents, siblings and grandparents, completed the five-day creation of our day camp. The art on the plate was displayed, then disassembled and, in the best case, immediately consumed. Our camp mission was accomplished. :-)


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