Current trends in museum education
Current trends in museum education

The conference called Current trends in museum presentation and education with the theme of Changes in the profession of museum pedagogue took place in early October in Brno.

Already 6th meeting was prepared by the Moravian Museum together with the Commission for Work with the Public and in cooperation with the Association of Museums and Galleries of the Czech Republic.

The position of a museum or gallery pedagogue is a relatively young profession, even though it is an officially established and somewhat recognized profession. Over the years, the requirements for a museum (gallery) pedagogue as a specialized worker have gradually changed. Various requirements were placed on this position, both in terms of education and professional competence. From activities like guided tours to qualified educational work. The topics of the conference were primarily devoted to demands on the profession and competences, professional education and individual development. Furthermore, the changes and development of the museum pedagogue through the lens of a specific museum or gallery – their involvement in the preparation of exhibitions and other activities. The third theme was new challenges, dealing with an extraordinary situation and the pitfalls of the profession. The two-day program was really packed.

The main conference contribution was made by Dr. Stéphanie Wintzerith from Germany, who is also a member of the CECA committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). She focused on the topic of museum education from a European perspective. Part of the contribution was also her research on claims for museum-type cultural institutions. An interesting aspect of the research was the fact that the contemporary visitor expects experience and pleasure in addition to the interpretation of cultural heritage and education. This finding was also reflected in the new definition of a museum, which emerged from this year's ICOM conference in Prague. Subsequently, this also confirms and strengthens the importance of the position of educator, museum teacher, animator or lecturer in these institutions.

Other contributions were devoted to the reality of specific institutions. For example, the presentation of colleague Jan Malý from the National Museum of Agriculture in Prague, educator Karolína Štefková from GASK in Kutná Hora or colleagues from the Masaryk Museum in Hodonín were interesting. Colleagues Markéta Brhlíková and Jana Černá from the Museum of the Brno Region reflected on where the profession of museum pedagogue is currently moving, presenting an immersive search game called In the shoes of a secret agent in the Villa Löw-Beer. In addition to historical knowledge, their educational program also requires a certain acting talent and offers the visitor not only a detective plot, but also an intense experience with a final reflection. The change of profession was handled very nicely by colleagues Oldřich Bystřický and Ida Muráňová from the National Gallery in Prague, where the position of worker for cultural and educational activities had probably the longest history.

Meetings of museum and gallery educators are held regularly every year in various institutions. Last year it took place in the South Bohemian Museum in České Budějovice, and next year we will probably meet in the Regional Museum in Mělník. We are already looking forward to new topics, confrontations and friendly meetings!


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