Back and forth to the brook lamprey

6. 8. 2023, 10h

We invite you to a Sunday walk to one of the alleged springs of Želivka.
First, in the presence of Chilean sound artist Rodrigo Paglieri, we will visit his installation in the IGLOO gallery, where the first part of his project Landscape – radio map of Jihlava is happening – a sound recording of his journey along the Douro River in Porto, where he lives. The second part of the project is taking place right now in the surroundings of the Jihlava River, connecting two geographically and culturally distant cities and river basins.

Then, with Rodrigo equipped with a radio backpack containing an analog radio transmitter, FM antenna and microphone, we will head towards the parish in Branišov, where we will see several installations by Kosmo_nauty, Eva Jiřička, Jan Haubelt and Jan Bartoš as well as the photo documentation of Ivan Kafka's earthworks from the 70s and 80s as part of the ongoing Landscape Festival.

Not far from the village Branišov there is a spring of the Hejnický and Kladinský stream in the Hajnice natural monument where the critically endangered brook lamprey was recently discovered. The brook lamprey is found exclusively in fresh running and clear waters with fine mudflats where the larvae are buried in fine sediment. Lampreys feed primarily on detritus, diatoms, algae and fine plant debris. They live in the north-western part of Europe. In the south, they extend into the rivers of the western part of the Apennine Peninsula. The Czech Republic lies at the limit of the European range of the brook lamprey, with only a few isolated (sub)populations in our river basins.

We will finish the Sunday afternoon with refreshments around the campfire.

Meeting at 10 am in the gallery, Komenského 10, with a short tour of the exhibition Landscape – radio map of Jihlava with artist Rodrigo Paglieri.

10:40 departure from the bus station to Větrný Jeníkov, a walk through Strážník to Branišov (distance about 5 km).

Estimated return to Jihlava: 15:56 by bus from Ústí, in Jihlava 17:25.

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