Associations and Havlíček with Erben
Associations and Havlíček with Erben

Associations, the foundation of life, a tour of K. H. Borovský's apartment and "It's not a cemetery, it's my garden" Kytice by K. J. Erben were the exhibitions we visited as part of the meeting of the educators of the Vysočina region.

On Tuesday, November 7, our colleague Vendula Marková invited us to the Vysočina Museum Havlíčkův Brod. She introduced us to the educational programs currently offered by the Museum to schools and the public. We opened up to each other about issues that we normally deal with within our organizations. The biggest theme was the attendance of schools of programmes for short-term exhibitions. We agreed that educators prefer long-term educational programs more than short-term ones. Advent and Christmas programs are currently the most popular in all institutions. Each of the educators approaches their programme in a slightly different way. So we evaluated different approaches, their pros and cons. Subsequently, we introduced each other to the programs that take place in our home organizations.

Educators from the Museum of the New Generation in Žďár nad Sázavou joined us for the first time. We are glad that our ranks have expanded to include colleagues from private institutions. Even though we have different founders, we found that we are dealing with similar problems and challenges.

After two hours of discussions, we moved on to a tour of the exhibition Associations, the foundation of life, where a joint (cheerful) photo was taken. It caught our attention how the men looked in one of the enlarged photos. After that, we visited the K. H. Borovský Apartment exhibition and moved to the gallery building. Here we saw a very successful exhibition called "It's not a cemetery, it's my garden" Kytice by K. J. Erben, which presents twenty-five illustrators who have devoted themselves to the stories of Erben's ballads. From the gallery we went to lunch together. It was followed by a tour of the unique Štáfl cottage, which dates from the second half of the 16th century. After the visit, we said our goodbyes.

The meeting in Havlíčkův Brod was very nice, thank you Vendula! Sharing is very important and beneficial in our profession! That's why we look forward to the next meeting next year. If it works out, we will also go to the Vysočina Museum, but this time in Jihlava.

Pavlína Pitrová, November 2023

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