Art courses for adults
Art courses for adults

Since September 2021, an art course for adults has been taking place in the Vysočina Regional Gallery. Last year, the course was divided into six lessons, which took place from September to December.

The participants tried out the technique of drawing and painting, then the still life, portrait based on a bust, drawing of architecture and landscape painting directly in the open air. In the last meeting, we closed the lessons with abstract painting. This subject was conceived more loosely than the others, and everyone put a piece of their personality into it.

It was interesting and beneficial to watch which art technique is most popular in the team. Some preferred drawing for its precision and the possibility of accurately capturing detail, for others the favorite was painting, in which they could relax more.

The art course for adults will continue in the first half of this year. Again, it will consist of six lessons, for which one Tuesday will be reserved each month from January to June. Those interested can look forward to new ideas, in case of nice weather we will create outside. A novelty will then be an introduction to selected graphic techniques. The course is relaxing, suitable for complete beginners, the joy of creation is important. From each meeting you will bring home a new picture. All those who like to paint or want to start painting are cordially invited, or they want to relax with a relaxing activity and meet people who like fine arts.


January 4, 2022

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