The Army Museum Žižkov surprised us!
The Army Museum Žižkov surprised us!

We have agreed with our fellow educators from the cultural organizations of the Vysočina region that, in addition to regular meetings in home museums and galleries, we will also try to organize field trips to other institutions where they organize interesting events or educational programs.

This time we went to the Army Museum in Prague. There were several reasons. On the one hand, the museum has been newly renovated and modernized since October 2022. Its repair and installation of new exhibits took over four years and was definitely worth it. Another reason was the focus of the museum, which is not so close to me and my colleagues, but nevertheless they organize very interesting educational programs for schools. The last reason was the fact that I know the head of the education department, Bára Kulihová, and I know that the programs she creates are of a high standard. In the spring of this year, we agreed that in the fall they would take us through new exhibits and introduce us to programs for schools and the public. Colleagues introduced us in detail to both the exhibitions and their work with school groups. I have to admit that the museum surprised us all very much! In fact, it literally blew me away! On the one hand, with its First Republic architectural design by the builder Jan Zázvorka, and also with new, modern exhibitions. We learned about the military from prehistoric times to the present day. Literally. We went through the important milestones of our history, remembered important battles and all this in a historical context and moreover interpreted thanks to individual artifacts that played an important role in their time.

The museum includes seven exhibits with a military theme, one of which presents trenches from the First World War. They are divided according to individual historical sections, which map the military history of the Czech territory and Czech statehood. A total of seven thousand exhibits from the collection of the Military Historical Institute in Prague are exhibited here. The halls are located on four floors. As part of the tour, you can also visit two exhibition halls where short-term exhibitions are held. One on the ground floor at the entrance to the museum and the other in the covered hall. Here we had the opportunity to see Jiří Sozanský's exhibition entitled INVASION 68. Our colleagues also let us see the modern lecture halls. The cafe, which is located on the top floor, is also worth a visit. From its terrace, where you can sit and have refreshments, there is a wonderful view of Prague.

At the end of the tour, we agreed that probably none of us would think of going to see the military museum. Now, on the other hand, we know that we have to come back here as soon as possible! Another very positive piece of information is that admission to the museum and educational programs for schools are free.

Many thanks to Bára, Matěj and Marek for the warm welcome and the time spent with us!


Pavlína Pitrová, September 2023

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