Andersen in the gallery
Andersen in the gallery

Night with Andersen returned to the Vysočina Regional Gallery in Jihlava for the fourth time.

In 2020, we took a break due to covid, in 2021 we first resorted to the online version on the original March date and then offered the full version with an overnight stay in the gallery at the end of August. We required proof of negative covid test result from the official testing site, which was probably the reason why a modest number of 4 participants applied. But we did not give up and we organized the event, despite the low participation, and to the great joy of the entrants. And we really enjoyed it too.
But this year's situation was much more favorable. The receding pandemic allowed us to hold Night with Andersen not only in its original term (based on the birth day of H. Ch. Andersen, which is also celebrated as International Children's Book Day), but also in full force.

Of the many topics on offer (eg the anniversary of J. Lada (* 135), ABC (65 years), J. Foglar (* 115), J. Trnka (* 110), J. A. Komenský (* 430),…), we decided to use the educational program about J. A. Komenský, which our educator Pavlína Pitrová offers as part of school education. For this evening she used his publication Orbis pictus for entertaining activity.

As every year, after a short introduction, when the children learned something about the life of H. Ch. Andersen, we moved to the second gallery building, where we got acquainted with the exhibition Extraordinary Ordinariness, and which was subsequently the inspiration for our creating - we created (embroidered) flags. Everyone could create the flag they wanted, and according to the resulting creations, which contained inscriptions such as "peace" or "freedom", it was clear which topic resonated the most among the participants at present.

After dinner together, we immediately embarked on another tradition - writing messages on prepared postcards. We regularly send them not only home, but also to representatives of the Vysočina Region, the city of Jihlava or, for example, to the Danish embassy in the Czech Republic.

And it wouldn't be the real Night with Andersen if we didn't read. Volunteers from among the children had the opportunity to read Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales to other participants.

For good night, the gallery educator Pavlína read for the children.

One of this year's topics was also the anniversary of Sluníčko magazine. During breakfast, children could browse the older issues of this children's publication, where they got inspiration for the last creating on this year's Night with Andersen - making of airplanes from wood (eg from popsicle stick) and pegs.

This year's event was also made special by the visit of a Czech Radio Vysočina reporter, who visited us several times during the evening and the following morning. The children were thus given the opportunity to publicly evaluate this year. (The report starts at about 2:21 pm.)

The reactions showed that the children enjoyed it as much as we, gallery stuff, did. And we are already looking forward to seeing you again in a year!


April 10, 2022

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