The exhibition space of the Alternativa gallery is intended for the presentation of current artistic approaches.
It is open to all types of fine arts, focusing mainly on projects that bring alternative perspectives to artistic creation, experiment with the given medium, expand the exhibition format and look for new forms and ways of communication with the audience.
Galerie Alternativa started its activities in 2005 with the intention of presenting mainly the work of young, often not yet well-known, artists. It sought to create a counterweight to the traditionally presented art of older and respected artists. Attention was also paid to projects representing art, which in a way related to the region.
At present, the concept of exhibition space is no longer defined by the artist's age or territory.
The presented projects are selected by the commission from proposals submitted on the basis of a public call.


For the realization in the ALTERNATIVA gallery in 2023, the committee composed of Lucie B√≠lkov√°, Petr Kov√°Ňô, Lucie Nov√°ńćkov√°, Daniel Nov√°k, ҆√°rka ҆ediv√°¬†selected the following projects from a total of 58 registered (in no particular order):

Karol√≠na Kolbov√° ‚Äď Crunchy invasive world; kur√°toŇôi Libor Novotn√Ĺ, Anna Treterov√°

Vlastimil Nenad√°l ‚Äď Trans naturalis

Tom Kot√≠k, Daniel Vlńćek ‚Äď Big Science / Textile Opera

Pamela KuŇ•√°kov√°, Minami Nishinaga, Veronika Olej√°rov√° ‚ÄstVŇ°echno je nudn√©, ale nikdo se tu nenud√≠; kur√°torka AneŇĺka KoŇô√≠nkov√°

Reinhold Zisser ‚Äď Notgalerie

Alessandra Svatek; kur√°tor Radek Wohlmuth


Congratulations to the authors of the selected projects and thanks to everyone else for participating in the call.
We believe that we will be able to work with many on other occasions in the future.

floor plan of the ALTERNATIVA gallery



accompanying program / experimental dramaturgy
Content and goal, curatorial concept

Mostly, but not exclusively, as an accompanying program of the Alternativa gallery, a dramaturgy called Za bukem was created in the course of 2020. Through this dramaturgical line, we would like to present a cycle of ways and means in which we want to think about themes that reflect individual works of art or exhibitions in different OGV dramaturgies. Practically dramaturgy Za bukem will present a range of lectures, moderated discussions, author readings, interviews, performances and interventions, which aim to turn OGV into a living place, spark a debate not only on contemporary art and bring key topics of contemporary art closer to the regional audience. For a long time, we have considered the fact that contemporary art has become incomprehensible and thus inaccessible to semi-professional to lay audiences to be completely inadmissible. Within OGV, we want to replace the closure of contemporary art to the often little-informed audience with openness not only through educational programs or regular guided tours, but also by creating a (discussion) platform that allows direct contact with creators, curators and theorists in an accessible and lively form. the most current of contemporary art, often to the general public, including current, often activist-themed topics.

The title of the dramaturgy Za bukem refers to the most iconic tree in Jihlava, a 200-year-old red beech located next to the church of St. Jakuba - practically halfway between two gallery buildings. Each of these dramaturgies will culminate in an informal meeting or reflection behind the aforementioned beech, which may or may not thematically complement the previous program associated with any of the exhibitions. It is the phenomenon of thinking about a certain topic that is the main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčdramaturgy, related to individual exhibition projects, which will try to grasp from a broader perspective, put into a cultural context, or in some cases deepen their meaning.

In the event that the restrictions are repeated or last for a very long time, the dramaturgy Behind the Beech is more than suitable for relocation to the digital environment, and so it will also be presented if necessary - as online discussions, round tables, interventions. At the same time, the title of the dramaturgy somehow loosely refers to the established saying "lurk behind the beech". As part of the OGV, we intend not only to lurk behind the beech when the coronavirus pandemic spreads, and to prepare for better times, but also to lurk for new ideas and connections that will emerge from thinking behind the beech, which is an integral part of this dramaturgy.

Contribution to the field

As an integral part of the dramaturgy Za bukem, we understand the connection of regional artists with established artists, curators and theorists, or scientists from related fields within moderated debates, interventions and performances. We believe that expanding the field of art to include thematically related disciplines will help to bring contemporary art, which is often difficult to understand, to the general public. The dramaturgy Behind the Beech is sufficiently varied, it also includes small interventions in previously unused gallery spaces (foyer, staircase), which from time to time will complement exhibitions of established artists (but also vice versa) and contribute to grasping gallery spaces as a living space. Due to the fact that there is no similarly grasped space in Jihlava, targeting a live presentation of contemporary art, we believe that similarly tuned dramaturgy, albeit in the form of an accompanying program, is more than desirable in the city with two art schools with which the gallery has long collaborated.

The author of the concept and the curator of the dramaturgy Za bukem is Lucie Nov√°ńćkov√° (