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Zdeněk Bláha Tree in blossom, 1953

Zdeněk Bláha
Tree in blossom, 1953

oil on canvas
66 x 75.5 cm

in exposition 
From the collections
Masaryk Square No. 24

The life and work of Zdeněk Bláha is almost lifelong connected with Vysočina region. Although this painter and graphic artist was born on August 1, 1923 in Slovakia (Lučenec), from 1934 until his death (he died on May 26, 2003) he lived and worked in Jihlava. He studied privately with the academic painter Jan Jůzl. He was a member of SVU Mánes and the Association of Fine Artists of Vysočina (SVUV).

May 2022

Initially, he devoted himself mainly to drawing, especially portraits, but he was mainly a landscape painter. His work is thematically focused on urban and rural nooks and landscape motifs. He is inspired by the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and especially the surroundings of Jihlava.
The painting from the OGV collection  is a typical example of Bláha's work in the 1950s, when he gradually abandoned realistic canvases and chose plain and simple themes to express his relationship to the landscape and the given motif.